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Retro desk with coffee - SwivelBlog

What’s better—brewing your teams better coffee in the workplace or leaving that task to Starbucks? Is it better to provide an onsite mini-cafe or let employees grab a joe on the way to work? The answer may impact your bottom line.

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Service-Profit Chain Discussion @SwivelBlog

With all the customer service woes tearing through industries over the past year—from airliners to wireless providers—companies would do well to revisit a concept first published in 1994 by Harvard Business Review as “The Service-Profit Chain.”

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Swivel Blog High Performance Entrepreneurship

Professional musicians know something about performance under pressure that most leaders don’t. On stage or in the studio, artists must consistently perform with great skill and precision in order to succeed. How they prepare is instructive.

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Our Goal

Swivel has spent two decades helping companies navigate their markets and innovate online.

Our goal has always been to provide robust and reliable products and services, compelling insights and opportunities for greater success.

The world of commerce is more competitive and fast-paced than ever. New technologies, new dynamics in international politics, and new ways of looking at progress require more thorough analysis and strategy.

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Swivel ROI


Swivel adds research to experience, drawing on both professional and scholarly disciplines to discern which products and services will best serve our customers.


Sound research and analysis helps our clients outperform the competition. Swivel insights improve operational efficiencies and lead to growth.


Clients pursue innovation through insights and diligence, repeatedly refining and improving their own products and services.

Tools for entrepreneurs. Strategies for companies of any size.

Making the Most of Swivel

The way to benefit from Swivel services is simple. Consider these basic points to make the most out of what we offer, and increase your productivity and reach online.

What do your services cost?

Our strategic analysis and research is provided free of charge via SwivelBlog. Our hosting and domain services are provided at competitive rates and deliver world-class reliability and support, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

What's the big deal about research-based methodology?

Many entrepreneurs still operate from a practical methodology of trial-and-error. While there is no shame in doing your best and hoping for success, there’s a better way. Extensive research (including other people’s trials and errors) alongside practical experience delivers more predictable results in any market, up or down.

What kind of organization will benefit most from Swivel?

Our online products and services for sale are tailored specifically for small to mid-sized companies (for profit and nonprofit alike), but our strategies are suitable across any size of firm.

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