Microsoft Exchange Email

Super-Charge Your Messaging and Collaboration Services

Swivel provides affordable, high-availability Microsoft Exchange email and collaboration via its enterprise-grade hosted solution. No IT staff required.

Choose Your Exchange Solution

Microsoft Exchange Server has long been considered an industry standard for email and collaborative messaging in the enterprise. It has also been too expensive for small businesses to utilize, due to the high licensing fees and maintenance costs associated with deployment and support. Today, Swivel offers a competitive solution with low monthly fees and no-hassle support. Choose the solution that meets your needs to begin utilizing enterprise services at small business costs.

Free Outlook® or Entourage® for Every User

A $109.95 value for every Swivel Hosted Exchange Email user, with expert support, your company will have all the benefits of much larger organizations, with a fraction of the overhead costs.


per user
per group
Mailboxes Included
Storage per Mailbox
ActiveSync for Mobile Devices
Additional Mailboxes
1 GB Sharepoint Intranet Portal
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Note that services may be upgraded at any time as required.