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Domains, Hosting and Resources to Supercharge Your Business

Swivel has a simple mission for our customers—providing the tools you need with less hassle, less cost, and less worry. Our hosting services are rock-solid reliable and secure, our domains are easy-to-manage and safe from hijacking,* and our blog is geared to put the fun back in your business fundamentals so you can learn and grow.

One of the greatest startup challenges is landing on a name. Finding a domain name—your .com, .net, or .___ is a big part of the search process. Swivel has an amazing search tool that may even help you name your business (or product) based on the infinite variations and iterations available.

Search for Your New Domain

While web hosting has been around for two decades, it has not been commodified—secure hosting with reasonable pricing is not a given at every hosting company. At Swivel, only pay for features you use, and pay reasonable rates. Pay annually, pay monthly. Add or subtract options. It’s your choice.

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SwivelBlog is not for the faint of heart. Our approach is not based on get-rich-quick schemes or milk-your-customer tactics but is rooted in ideas and principles of integrity, respect and diligence—strategies that lead to long-term success as well as short term gains and momentum. Join our readers today.

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*Swivel domain systems provide all the necessary checks and balances to prevent domain hijacking, provided customers follow our recommended best practices. Be sure to use our domain lock on all names, and use a strong password for your account.