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by Mike Chalmers
Your company needs a good name and a great place to show the world what you do. Swivel is your domain and hosting partner for successful branding and online innovation.

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.info .club .io .science .academy .coffee .agency .support .education .me .online .photos and more!

A Name You Can Trust

Swivel has been registering domain names for customers since the 90’s and is a trusted source for providing and maintaining registrations, DNS services, websites, and business applications.

Intelligent Alternatives

Our system will intelligently recommend names based on keywords entered so that you can be sure your trademarks—new and old—are covered.

You can add as many names to your cart as you like. You’ll have opportunity to remove any unwanted variations during check-out.


Because we provide both domain and hosting services, you can be ready to go with your new website even faster than with a stand-alone domain registrar. Once you find the perfect name for your business, choose a website or hosting plan with the best fit for your needs.

Having Trouble Choosing?

Acquiring a name for your business is so critical to your branding and reach that we wrote an article called How to Find a Great Domain Name. Check it out and let us know if it helped you find that super name for your company.

Premium Domains

We also offer premium domains for high SEO value and marketability. Check out our high-value web properties for more details.