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How to Find a Great Domain

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How to Find a Great Domain

by Mike Chalmers

Entrepreneurs know the importance of choosing a good business name, but that doesn’t make the process any easier. Even when you do come up with that zinger of a moniker, chances are someone has already snatched up the associated domain name, right?

Well, maybe not. With a proper strategy the process will be more enjoyable than frustrating. Many of the ingenious domain names you think of will already be taken, to be sure. However, I’ve often found domain names for customers that are easy to remember and unused by other businesses. You can have good success and greatly benefit your business if you work at it.

Remember these points to find a great domain name:

1) Research, research, research.

You may already have great ideas, but your great ideas without due-diligence could be second-best compared to your competition. List the 10 brands and names in your industry that you admire most. Don’t just concern yourself with the biggest or most profitable. You’re the one who needs to be passionate about your brand so you’ll want to compare your ideas to your most respected competitors.

2) Search Creatively and with Purpose.

Be creative and begin your domain name search. Don’t be discouraged if your initial choices are already registered to someone else. That’s common. The trick is to search every possible iteration of your name, looking for key words and combinations of terms.

3) Don’t buy on impulse.

If you find a domain you like, ask yourself why nobody has registered that name. It certainly could be because you were the first to think of it, or it could be that the name is not a very good one. Make a list of all available domain names as you search. Once you’ve built a list of numerous available names, select your candidates, registering only the very best of the bunch. Your favorites should be comparable to the names on your respected competitor list.

4) Enjoy the process!

This is not a school project. This is for your business success. Domain name buying can be a great adventure in itself. The bottom line however, is that the value of a domain name in most cases will be the value you assign to it as an address or name for your business. If you find domain names you believe are going to be useful in the long-term for your needs, that is the single most important determiner at the time of purchase. Don’t buy domain names you cannot use or reasonably sell in the future, but enjoy the search as you look for those untapped gems.

The main requirement for acquiring great domains is a lot of creativity with an even greater measure of patience.


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Mike Chalmers is the owner/founder of Swivel and editor of SwivelBlog. He holds an MBA in Enterprise Growth and has more than 20 Years in business, technology, and entertainment experience. Areas of interest include strategy, product development, market research, and others. Mike and his wife Tanya have four children.